Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recent addition - a UPS

Simply plugging in my welder caused a power glitch in the middle of routing a PC Board - the glitch caused the computer to re-boot.  I was not happy.  I decided to purchase a Uninterpretable Power Supply from APC.  It only provides 10 minutes of backup - but that's plenty to make it through the occasional power glitch and even the careless tripping over the power cord.  I have both my CPU and monitor powered via the UPS.  The mongo power supply for the Steppers can ride through powerline glitches with ease.

I also isolation-routed another PCB, this one a simple linear-regulated 12VDC power supply to drive the case fans.  I was much more comfortable with Eagle CAD this time around.  I set up the raw PCB, hit "GO" and came back 45 minutes later to have it all perfectly done.  Sweet!


  1. Have You been using the gcode-PCB generator? What kind of bit did you use?

  2. I used bits from Drewtronics. Check the blog entry here for details:

  3. Also, to go from the EAGLE PCB software to g-code, I use the PCB-GCODE Gcode generation utility. It is easy to use (once you figure it out, like everything else!). I do one more step of Gcode optimization then on to the milling machine.