Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cutting Guide

I slept on the design - no changes.  Here is the cutting guide.  The whole router will fit neatly on a single 4x8 foot sheet of Baltic Birch 3/4" plywood ($64 USD).  I chose this plywood for a couple of reasons.  First it is a good looking wood.  It has a furniture-grade finish on both sides, no knots, no blemishes.  Second, it is made up of many more, thinner veneers.  On this website: is an excellent photo of "regular" 3/4 inch plywood next to the nice stuff.  More layers, better strength.  Also no ugly 'voids' in the inner veneers when you cut it.  Sand the edges, some polyurethane, and it's damn good looking.  3rd, I just like the idea of the CNC machine being made of wood.

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