Monday, January 17, 2011

Upgrading Ubuntu & EMC2

This weekend I upgraded from Ubuntu 8.0.4 to Ubuntu 10.04 & EMC2_2.4.4 Release.  The install went without a problem.  However, I couldn't get the steppers to move.  I recall having parallel port configuration issues the first time.  I wasted 4 good hours of shop-time with no success.  Then the proper information turned-on the light for me, and all is working well.  This page on HAL drivers did it for me.  I mistakenly thought the "in" and "out" parallel port settings meant the parallel port was installed (in) or not (out).  Since I was using an add-in parallel port, I was attempting to set parallel port 2 as the port to drive the steppers.  Wrong.

The "in" and "out" refer to the signal directions of the parallel port (I wanted "out").   Here's a hint how to find the address for your parallel port setting (the 'stuff' after the "0x").

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