Thursday, April 21, 2011

The new build - the base

I kept the base design similar to the original - using a torsion box design.  This provides a considerable amount of strength and rigidity with minimum mass.  It is important to have a very flat surface to assemble and glue-up the frame.  Even with all the care, I ended up in excess of 30 thousandths out of square.  This is excellent accuracy for a woodworking project, but it is not all that great for a milling machine.

Taking care at every step means less fine-tuning later.  Cut the components carefully, make sure to get the angles as square as possible.  Ensure the top (facing downward in these images) is flat-and-true against your flat surface.

Here is the finished torsion box.  I changed the design of the x-axis rails - both to provide extra strength and rigidity, and to get the x-axis rails inset just enough to keep them out of the way of most of the dust and debris created during milling.

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